Saturday, August 11, 2007

Do you ever wonder?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were given an expiration date when you were born? Would you procrastinate and try to do everything in the last weeks of your shelf life? Or...Would you savor every sip of sweetness to pass over your lips? Would you really smell the ocean, flowers, and your grandma's chocolate chip cookies? Memorize every smile, laugh, or line on your loved ones faces? I'm working on this every day. I think you should too.

Rick is feeling much better than he has in the past few days. He and Jake were outside most of the day doing a little deck repair. 20 years of weather beating down on the wood has taken it's toll on it. It will look great when they're done. Then it's up to me to paint! Not a problem. I love to paint!

I spent the afternoon with Angie (doing a little shopping until she fizzled out...which doesn't take either of our girls very long to do). This is why they don't have clutter in their houses. They don't stay in a store long enough to buy something useless. Where, their mother - me, can wander around a store for hours and buy stuff I "might" need down the road. Where did they get this discipline? Jake has it too! Drives me crazy. Organized, structured, disciplined. Boring...just kidding kids. I'm jealous. When I grow up, I want to be just like you~

Wishing you good health, lots of rest, and dark chocolate....

Love you more than all the "stuff" I've bought over the years, and NEVER needed.

Dream Big,

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