Saturday, July 21, 2007

We're home

Of all the places I've ever visited, HOME is my favorite.

Let me start with health. Last Monday Rick wasn't feeling well, so he pretty much stayed in bed on Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday until we left for Mt. Rushmore. He thinks it might be something he ate, I just worried (because I do that very well). By Wednesday he was feeling better but his appetite still hasn't come back. On Thursday during the day, he sneezed and felt like he pulled something in his side but didn't think much of it. By Friday morning at 3:30am I was using ONSTAR again to find the nearest hospital. The pain was so intense that he felt like he was going to pass out. We had no other option but to visit a hospital in the town of Sheridan, Wyoming. This was my biggest fear ~ Going to a hospital in a town away from home, having to explain his story to a complete stranger. Not to worry ~ our guardian angel was with us and the hospital we went to was only a year old, Rick was taken in immediately (he was one of only 2 patients), the nurse and doctor were wonderful people and they took our concerns very seriously. The doctor on call immediately sent Rick in for a CT scan to make sure he didn't have a broken rib/punctured lung or that the port in his chest did not relocate inside his the chest wall. All the results came back negative. They gave him a shot of pain medicine (which helped in just a few minutes) and gave him a prescription for a couple of days until he could get back home and see our doctor. Now, he is just recouperating from a pulled "something" in his chest wall. We'll be seeing the doctor on Tuesday so we'll let him know what happened. Rick's body is very compromised because of all the stuff he's been through. These are all just reminders that we are still ALIVE.

I was so busy on this vacation I forgot I had lung cancer (except when I coughed). That's a good thing right? Yeah, I know. Don't forget to take care of Doreen. I keep hearing it... I promise I will. I'm almost afraid to sit still now that I'm home. I believe if I stay really busy, cancer can't catch me. :)

Now the vacation: It really was wonderful. Oh, like any had it's moments but isn't that what makes it a vacation? Aren't we really just taking time away from our ordinary days? So, those little events that made us a little crazy, now become memories of "the trip to South Dakota Sumer 2007".

We visited Mt. Rushmore (twice...once in the evening when they have a special ceremony) then again the following morning when it was light out. What an amazing sight. We also decided to visit Yellowstone National Park which a great experience. Buffalo and deer just ran wild in the park. I'll post photos later. We visited Sturgis (Harley town) but not much was happening yet. Bike week is the first week of August. These places were on my list of important things to do before I die. Now, let me explain....I didn't make this list after I was diagnosed, these have been on my mental list for many years. We should all have a list of places to visit, things to do, people to meet. These are the things that keep life interesting, fun, challenging. These are reasons to live. Now, I get to mark a few things off the list. Knowing me, I'll add more things later so I never run out.

One of my favorite places was Wyoming. The rock formations/mountains were spectacular. All the little towns we went through looked like little old towns from a western movie. I could have stayed and visited longer had it not been for a sick husband and my desire to be at home.

I'm very tired tonight, so I'd better sign off. I promise to post photos, and write daily now that I'm home.

Love you more than all the sunflowers in South Dakota!

Dream Big,

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