Monday, July 16, 2007

Quick Update

Not much to report from the Schmitt family. I spoke with Mom today while she was on her way to the hardware store to buy bug spray, mosquito repel, fly strips and anything else that promised to keep the bugs away! Their plan is to start heading toward home tomorrow with the intention of doing some sight-seeing on the way. As much as they have enjoyed spending time with distant relatives they miss their family and friends at home.

I am happy to report that Amy and I received some emails today from people interested in becoming an author on the blog. I will keep the details a secret for now but I can assure you that tomorrow's blog will be written by a very special person with a well-known story. We also have an author for Wedneday's blog who you have all heard a lot about. You will get to know this person a little bit better after Wednesday. We are still auctioning off days so dig into your wallet and see if you have a $20 bill to share...

I love you more than Dor loves her bug spray,


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