Saturday, July 14, 2007

An idea...

Since mom and dad are gone and mom honestly does not have internet access like she assumed she would, Angie and I can pretty much post whatever we want. We are the only two with the username and password to log on to the blogger site. That gave me an idea.

Some days are hard. Take Angie's day yesterday for example. As you can tell by her blog posting, she was having a difficult time. Other days, we are up beat and happy. Both of those scenarios make it easy to write. It's easy to say what is making us sad, or tell you guys about the wonderful things that happened that day. The difficult days are those days when we just feel indifferent. Nothing good happened. Nothing bad happened. On those days, we all call each other and say "why don't you write something tonight." This is where my idea comes in.

This blog site is read anywhere between 100-200 times a day. I think one of you need to make a special appearance on the blog. Angie and I have another week to "entertain you" while Rick and Dor are away (and I will be doing military training with very limited internet access for the next 8 days) so that will put a lot of pressure on Angie. We certainly aren't getting much help from mom's stories about South Dakota. Believe me... you're not missing much. She said it is nice to see some of the family members they haven't seen in years, but she has compared the town to the movie "Fargo." If Angie and I are going to hope for interesting stories from them I think we are in trouble.

SO... we will be auctioning off an opportunity to become a celebrity. YOU TOO can get the username and password for a day. YOU TOO can become a little bit closer to becoming a part of the Schmitt family. For a $20 donation to the A Breath Away From The Cure Foundation, you can be writing tomorrow's blog message. The folks at ABAFTC have figured out that raising $20 Million dollars will enable them to put a lung cancer screening program in 10-12 hospitals nation wide. There are currently none. They have developed the "One in a Million" campaign encouraging a million people to send a $20 bill and help them reach the goal. Maybe tonight one of you will get us $20 closer to reaching that goal. You will be helping to save lives, relieve a Schmitt twin of coming up with a topic, and leaving Dor an unexpected message all at the same time.

Send me an email if you are interested.

Dreaming Big-


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