Thursday, July 26, 2007

News from the Peanut Gallery

Rick will be turning 51 on Saturday so I thought we'd have a little BBQ. Nothing too exciting, just a little get together - because getting older is something to celebrate. Everyone is welcome to attend. I should be careful when I say that, I'm not sure just how many people are reading this blog.

I had a nice lunch today with Amy Terich from the American Cancer Society. Another positive reason for getting cancer. If we had not been touched by it, we may never have known Amy. Ok, now that we've met you Amy, can you dig in your box of cancer cures and find one for us? Thanks! Any little bit will help. Your love, laughter and friendship have been a gift to our entire family.

Our house trim is looking a little drab and chipped, so I've decided to give it a quick little touch up. (I have not painted anything in months and I was having painting withdrawals) I've painted everything I can reach, now I have to wait for someone strong and/or tall to get home from work to help me with the rest of it. Ladders look like accidents waiting to happen, so I'm going to wait for help. Maybe I should call OnStar?

I have a Dr. appointment tomorrow in Seattle. I'm sure he'll say, you look marvelous...or something like that. Then, he'll say, keep taking your Tarceva (which I will ~ with a smile on my face). I will say thanks, are you finished with me yet? , then head off for a fun filled day in Seattle. Who would have thought that Dr.'s visits would be so easy?

Love you more than all the watches at Timex.

Dream Big,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rick and Doreen,Glad you made it home. it was good to see you again.happy birthday Rick,glad you are feeling better.colodado cousin