Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mom's Own Personal On-Star Ad

ON-STAR, don't leave home without it!!Mom used to question whether or not she actually needed On-Star in her car. Today she got her answer. While in Columbus Montana an accident took place directly in front of my parent's car. A boy in his early 20's fell asleep at the wheel and seriously crashed his car. He and his 20 year old passanger (both from Washington state) needed immediate medical attention. My Dad, Grandfather and Uncle ran down the hill to the crashed car and my Mom pushed her On-Star button requesting medical help. One boy was significantly injured but lived due to my family's On-Star button and huge helpful hearts. Later today Mom noticed that her gas light was on. She re-assured Dad that it "just came on" so they continued past the next exit with the intention of getting gas shortly. Unfortunately the gas light must have been on for a while becasue somewhere on the side of the freeway in Montana my parents ran out of gas. Although I didn't get the full details from Mom I have a feeling that Dad was not exactly thrilled. This is where the On-Star button comes into play. Twenty minutes after pushing the button a lady pulled up with $5 worth of free gas and went on her way. Mom informed me that they have already used the On-Star button about 8 times throughout this trip. She is becoming and expert. She used it on Tuesday night to search for hotels in Bozeman and later used it again to look for a local Appleby's. My parents have decided to continue driving the rest of the way to Eureka, South Dakota tonight (hoping to arrive around midnight) to stay at my Grandpa's 80 acre farm. They will be calling tomorrow to keep us informed and we promise to keep the blog updated. As if Dor was not already a spokesperson for many other things she is now adding ON-STAR to her list!

I love you more than all of the dried up yards in Washington-

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Joey said...

Thats cool! What a great story.