Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bonnie... You Have My Vote

Tonight, as I was messing around on-line I went to the BONNIE J. ADDARIO- A BREATH AWAY FROM THE CURE website. I try to read up on the latest lung cancer news, and Bonnie is the front runner when it comes to getting lung cancer on the map. I know mom talks about Bonnie all the time but for anyone who hasn't taken the time to read their webpage, you really are missing out. There is no doubt in my mind that this group of people will be the ones who make the difference. And, I fully expect to see significant changes to the lung cancer stigma during my lifetime.

As I was reading the front page of her website (which is http://www.thelungcancerfoundation.org/) I noticed the section at the bottom about the book called:

"WORLD CHAMPIONS: 25 Charities that make our home a better place to live"

A Breath Away From The Cure is listed in the book as one of the 25 finalist. You can vote for them by purchasing one of the books, or simply by entering your email address and voting for them. The Charity that gets the most votes receives 20% of the money raised from the book sales. Bonnie and the rest of the gang has done an amazing job bringing awareness to lung cancer... not to mention hope to my parents. I think the least we can do is click on this link and vote for them. Just click on the VOTE button in the upper right hand corner. Make sure you get this link to everyone you know. http://www.25charities.com/

Good Luck Bonnie and thanks for all that you do.



Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
I just placed my vote on Bonnie's website, what a great lady, reminds me of your mom. I read your mom's blog every day. She inspires me. She reminds me that life is precious and you should appreciate every moment of it. I'm sure glad to hear that your mom and dad are finally on their way to South Dakota. This should be a fun trip for them. I keep you all in my prayers everyday.

Keep Smiling,
Dixie (Pam's daughter-in-laws mom)

Anonymous said...

She just got my vote!