Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just a Little Note to my Friend


By now you have read Deborah's note to you......She has agreed to be on our Board at the Lung Cancer Foundation and help us find an end to this horrible disease.

I am so excited to finally "scoop" you. You are the kind of person it would be absolutely impossible to have a surprise birthday party for. You are such a snoop.

I still remember the day we met face to face. It was on November 9, 2006 at the Hotel Vitale Hotel. While Tony and Rick sat quietly (how could they not) we just hugged and talked and talked and talked. That was the night in San Francisco when we had the Foundation gala for lung cancer and your darling children arranged everything so the two of you could be there......You gave me a bracelet that I have not taken off for one minute. The words you put inside say "inspire"......You told me I inspire you but it is YOU that inspires me.

There are days that I wonder why I started this foundation and then I think of you. I think of the courage it takes every day for you to even smile in such adversity. As Deborah says your blog chronicles your days and nights but what lies beneath the words is a woman of great courage, love and faith. One that puts her children, husband and family before her needs. A woman with an incredible sense of humor in the darkest days. A woman that cleans her house before she leaves for vacation and makes sure everyone in her life is OK before she drives away. A woman that cries in the shower so no one will know she is sad. A woman that has coffee with her friend Bonnie and walks the streets of San Francisco. A woman that hugs and means it.

There has been a great deal of serendipity in my life. It is serendipity that we met. If not for lung cancer our paths would not have crossed. I can honestly tell you that my life is fuller with you in it. I am a better person having met you.
You have my word that I will do all I can to erase cancer from this earth and give you and Rick many reasons to smile.

I hope the rest of your trip is wonderful and I know the kids can't wait for you to be home......and, Thank God for "On Star"....

I love you more than all the "satellites" tracking your car!!!!!

Bonnie Addario


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