Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cameo Appearance

I know I didn't get permission from the "Blog keepers", but I'm sure you won't mind if I write something (as long as I promise to send my $$$$ to the One in a Million Campaign).

As much as I want a cure for cancer, I was getting that desperate for a location with wireless internet (that is a slight exaggeration). I had no idea how much I missed writing the blog until I couldn't. I finally got online this morning ~ and then ~ WOW! Who would have guessed that so much could happen while I've been away? Four very influential women have made a guest appearance. The two I gave birth to, and the two who joined my life for a great cause. I know some very strong women who are determined to make some changes and I'm jumping on their BANDWAGON ! Amy and Angie, thanks for being the amazing daughters you've always been. Your fight to make a change will forever change your lives and the lives of so many others. Deborah, thank you for sharing your sister's story with us. She made a difference in many people's lives and it appears you'll be doing the same thing in her honor. I'm thrilled to have you a part of the team. Bonnie is an amazing coach, so don't worry about a thing. Bonnie, You inspire me to want to be a better person and help other people along the way. Serendipity? Oh, you'd better believe it sister~

Now a little bit about my adventure so far:

I feel like this trip could be one of those jokes people send.

Day 1 - The drive was beautiful, I had no idea Washington was so green (or wide).
Day 2 - I don't remember being in Montana during the daytime before. It's lovely... but perhaps Rick was driving so I slept through it since it looks a lot like Washington but the sign "Welcome to Montana" identified it as something else. As did the North Dakota welcome sign.
Day 3 - We're here in South Dakota. The farm house is quaint. There is a little old school house on the property. Thank goodness it's still summer vacation. I had no idea that South Dakota had so many bugs.
Day 4 - What a cute little town we're staying in. Did you know people still close their businesses up for lunch at noon? How nice. Unless you've driven into town for bug spray.
Day 5 - The family reunion was so nice. I'm so glad their isn't going to be a quiz on names. I met so many Ottenbachs, Ottenbachers, Oddenbachs, Diedes and Schmitts that my head is spinning. Did I mention bugs?
Day 6 - Someone in town bought all the fly strips at the store. Now we have to wait for the people at the lumber yard to get back from lunch so we can buy some there. They do however sell cold beer at the store (and it doesn't close for lunch) See, you should always look for the positive things in life.
Day 7 - You'd think when the weather gets so hot you could fry an egg on your car that the bugs would go away. Not in South Dakota. We've started the journey back home. I'll write more later.

I've been having a good time (minus the bugs, heat, sweating and gas (fuel) at $3.39). One thing I haven't mentioned is that SUNFLOWERS are planted all over South Dakota. Although the acres and acres that are planted have not yet bloomed, there are wild sunflowers blooming all down the highway. Some of the old farms are amazingly beautiful. This journey through time (or at least it feels like I'm in a different era) helps me appreciate how hard these people have worked for generations so we can have fresh foods, grainy breads, juicy steaks, and sunflowers (not to mention the thousands of other things we get from these farmers without even realizing it).

Rick hasn't been feeling well the past few days. We're not sure if it's something he ate, the heat, or the fact that he recently had radioactive beads injected into his body....but he was feeling better last night when we arrived in Pierre. I'm going to call his doctor when their office opens, We have scheduled the 2nd part of his Selective Internal Radiation Therapy for August 1st. He's looking foward to having this procedure over with. Then it's back to chemo until they tell us anything different.

My throat thing seems to be better but I've been doing a great deal of coughing (mostly in the morning and at could be I'm inhaling too many bugs) I have an appointment to see an ear, nose and throat doctor at the University of Washington in early August. I don't know if I really need it. I think what I really need is a cure for cancer.

I'd better go get in the shower so we can go see President Rock. I'm not sure when my new suggestion will make it into for now you can continue to call it Mt. Rushmore.

Love you more than all the bugs I washed off the grill, and windows, and mirrors of my SUV...

Dreaming Big (with bug spray on)

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