Sunday, June 24, 2007

We're home from the hospital...

Everything went as planned today at the hospital. We arrived at 7:00am and got home (back to Bob & Dy's) tonight around 7:00pm. It was a draining day mentally & emotionally...yes I was a ball-bag again. When they mapped out Rick's liver the doctor found some vessels that led to other places in his body, like his lungs & stomach, so they sealed those vessels off with some kind of plug/pellet and then did a trial run of the radiation. He got to leave the hospital tonight so he was happy about that. Dr. Lui said he was planning on keeping Rick overnight on Thursday. I will feel better if he's at the hospital just in case there are any major side effects. Rick is pretty sore tonight, but he's reclining downstairs watching the Mariner game so life isn't too bad.

The swollen throat feeling is back in full force again today. But, like I said yesterday...I'll worry about that when we get back to the Westside of Washington. So far, it hasn't stopped me from eating. What's that all about? At least if I'm going to have some problem...couldn't it give me a little weight loss? I think a milkshake sounds soothing on my throat right about now. See what I mean? Life isn't always fair. On the flip side, I could be craving salad without much fun would that be?

I heard once that if life hands us lemons, were suppose to make lemonade. So, does that mean when life hands us limes, we're suppose to make margaritas! I say, get out the blender...I'm planting a lime tree. :)

Love you more,

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Anonymous said...

I'm a good gardener, I can find that lime tree ;-)

Virginia Beach is thinking of you!!!!!