Saturday, June 30, 2007

Desert Aire Pit Stop

We are on our way home from a long, but great week. On the way home we decided to stop at Desert Aire to mow the lawn but we were pleasantly surprised when we got here. Apparently, our friends Denny and Craig stopped by this afternoon and mowed it before we got here. Thanks guys.

We went over to cousin Joe's when we got here and Rick's cousin Gary and his wife Julie were here visiting from Millcreek. So, we all had dinner together. What a nice way to end our week.

We stopped by Hoopfest before we left Spokane today and saw Amy and Angie. They are working at it and having a great time. I think this is Amy's fifth year working at it and Angie's first. If you love basketball and have never been to it, make it a point to go at least to go once in your lifetime. It's an amazing event.

Rick is feeling pretty good tonight, just quiet and laying low. Even though our housemates were wonderful in Spokane, we are looking forward to getting home and settling back into our normal routine. I've promised to talk to my doctor on Monday when we're in Seattle for Rick's appointment. I don't think the inhaler is doing much for me...other than the lump in my throat and the cough I feel super.

Love you more than all the fouls called at Hoopfest today!

Dream Big,

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