Sunday, June 24, 2007

Broken Internet

God grant me patience, but hurry it up! Just kidding.

Our internet has been sketchy to say the least since Wednesday. Wavebroadband had an appointment to come on Thursday to see what the problem was (they were suppose to call first since Rick was being disconnected from chemo). Instead, we got a call saying "we came by to fix your internet service but you weren't here". So, I'm going to post something quickly on the blog just in case it goes out again this morning.

We are going to leave for Spokane this afternoon. It's a bittersweet trip. These are going to be some trying days for Rick (he doesn't like to be knocked down) but we'll have Bob and Dy around to keep our spirits up. The kids are all anxious because they won't be there for the surgeries, but I'll be in contact with them the whole time. The results of this procedure will be worth the whole journey. I'm so excited! Chemo is scheduled for Monday the 2nd of July so we won't be going to Desert Aire. That's ok, we'll be heading to South Dakota before we know it...then maybe to Australia as a family. I'll tell you more about that later.

My dear friend Kim will be home this week from Palm Springs and I'm going to miss seeing her. I guess I'll have to take a quick little trip down there to see her instead. Darn. Sometimes, a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do. :)

I slept like a baby yesterday (played, took a nap), got up from the nap did a few things (took a nap again), went to bed early and now I think I'm caught up from Thursday night.

I think my steroid inhaler might be helping a little. Except for the big coughing spell I had yesterday (and threw a rib out) I feel less constricted. I don't really have time to worry about my stuff right now. I'm worrying about everything else. It's much easier that way. I'd better say good bye for now and go finish packing.

Have I told you lately that I love you more? Well I do....

Dream Big,

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning,

I just got off the phone with wavecable, internet problems, and they fixed it over the house call. The net was barely working, if at all. All they did was reset the modem. Try that. Either call them and have them reset it, or unplug the outlet from the back of the modem, wait a minute, then replug and retry. Worked for me.

When are you going to SD. I'll be riding there in July, to Davis South Dakota. Sounds like you might be there earlier than me, I won't be to SD until like July 22nd.

Take care, I read your blog everyday.