Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

By the time you read this, it will be Mother's Day. Now, to some people, that day comes only once a year (the 2nd weekend in May). But at my house, EVERYDAY is Mother's Day. From the daily calls, to the daily I Love You's, to a little present for no reason at all...I am a very blessed MOTHER, MOM, DOR, MOMMA, HEY YOU....

It's amazing to think of all the love my mother has given me over the years and how she taught me to love my kids with all my heart. I hope I have given my children the tools they need to love unconditionally, have patience and understanding, and forgiveness.

On Saturday, Rick and I went to the Stanwood/Edmonds baseball game (winner to state). We lost, but the kids gave it their all. As a community we are very proud of their accomplishments. After the game we went out for lunch, then came back home to see my Uncle Wayne and his wife Joy who were visiting from Tennessee. It was great to see them. Later in the evening, I went to see a "chick flick" with my sister-in-law Vickie...then I met up with my parents and Amy and Angie while Rick was in a poker tournament. This does not sound like the life of a "sick" person, does it?

Our plans for the "official" mother's day are as follows:
Sleep in late, go to church, come home and work in the yard with Rick and the kids, wash and detail the car (the kids are doing that), rub my back (no one has volunteered for this job yet), BBQ steaks and ribs for Linner (lunch/dinner), make cards (the kids don't know that's on my list), spend some time with my mom (and hopefully see my brother and his "wife") watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters then head to bed. Ok, for sure I'm sleeping in late and BBQing, but other than that...I think we'll play it by ear.

To all you moms who have helped your children's dreams come true....know that you are loved.
Happy Mother's Day :)

Dream Big,

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