Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Birthdays are a beautiful thing....

I used to dread getting older. Then someone said, you might not. So, now I love it. I love to defy odds. Shake things up a little. That's part of my wild side shining through.

Today was a wonderful, wacky, tiring, productive day. I was greeted at work by cards, flowers, presents, and a warm chocolate chip cookie (thanks Hoose). I went to lunch with Pam, Janeen, and my sub Sheryl (who also shares my birthday...Happy Birthday!). After work I headed to Haggen to order the rest of the food for Friday, then out to dinner with my family. I got a massage and facial gift certificate (which I can't wait to collect on) and I also got a new digital camera. It has 7.2 gigahooters or pixels, is lightweight and takes amazing photos. As soon as I learn how to use it, I'll attach some pictures. Mom and Dad gave me a 2GB disk to store the photos on. I'll be able to take pictures for years without any problems. Angie, Karrina (my neighbor girl), Mom and I finished the survivor bags tonight. Dawn and Darlena stopped by with a beautiful sunflower print for me for my birthday and I'm just sitting down for the evening. And on top of all this....our office and house, felt like an easy bake oven. No wonder I'm exhausted. My fingers hurt just from typing my day. :)

Good News about Pam...
The surgeon called tonight with the pathology reports from her latest surgery. They got all the cancer from both breasts. There was no sign of cancer in her lymph node. The cancer in her left breast which was originally thought to be invasive lobular carcinoma was infact, non-invasive lobular carcinoma. GREAT NEWS. If all goes as planned, it looks like Pam will be able to bypass chemo and head straight to the radiation department. Thank God! We are so happy to get some good news about this for a change.

Only 2 days until Relay and we are all getting very excited. Congratulations Dandies for hitting your goal tonight. I knew you could do it!

Time for me to hit the sack, put a fork in it, call it a night, count sheep....What ever you call it, I'm ready for bed. Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.

Dream Big everyone and thanks for a wonderful 49th birthday....

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