Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Full Time Job

I'm not sure how I've been able to hold down a full time job since my diagnosis. I swear, taking care of medical tasks is a full time job of its own. This morning, I went with Pam to her follow up appointment (Pam wanted to go by herself but I insisted she needed another set of ears with her). Although the doctor is still very confident that Pam's cancer is not invasive, he also told us they did not remove enough bad tissue, so... on Thursday, Pam will be heading back into surgery to have more of her "calcium deposits" removed. I got a little fiesty and wondered why they wouldn't have just removed more to begin with since surgery isn't something you should be having every week. I guess this is common, but I don't like it. This is 2007 ~ You'd think they could test the tissue before they closed the person back up. I really wanted Pam to get a second opinion before she just rushed back into this surgery on Thursday. She's been in contact with Seattle Cancer Care and they've encouraged her to just have the surgery so she can heal and get started on her radiation treatments. I'm now backing off a little, but I'm still not happy about it.

Tonight we are heading to Seattle to see Camelot at the 5th Avenue. (It is my birthday present from Pam - My birthday's not until May, this is Pam's favorite play and she is going with me...do you see a pattern?) You've gotta love friendships like this.

Jake has been a work-a-holic since he's been home. I swear he's been going non-stop since Sunday. Our rec room (basement) looks like a Sports Pub with all his memorabilia hanging on the walls. No one ever uses the downstairs anymore so, I'm excited the space isn't going to waste. He's getting ready for the new furniture that will be delivered on Wednesday. Our old leather from upstairs will be heading to his "Sports Pub downstairs"!

The whole family was over for dinner last night. I love it! They all sat around watching college basketball and it felt like "home" again. Our niece, Darlena, spent the night with us and that was pretty fun. Her mom and dad are remodeling their kitchen and want to have it done before Easter and Darlena's birthday on Sunday. So, she got a little spoiled by Uncle Rick, Auntie and her cousins. 2 year olds can wear you out if you're not careful.

Rick is feeling better, though after our little scare last Tuesday, he just hasn't felt the same. I hope his treatment this time is a little easier on him. My shingles are nearly non-existent. Every once in a while I'm reminded of them but for the most part...I think they are over.
Thank goodness!

I forgot to publish this blog before I left for the play. It was wonderful. I never knew the story of Camelot. Where have I been?

Dream Big,

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