Saturday, February 17, 2007

No Name Title

I've mentioned this before but the worst part about writing a blog is coming up with a title. I didn't want to overwork my brain so consider this generic.

Today was another busy day for Rick and I. We slept in longer than usual (because we stayed up later than usual last night). Uncle Chuck and Aunt Fran stopped by for a quick visit this morning, we went to lunch with Bob and Dy, then it was off to a funeral this afternoon. The service was very nice, but we had not been to a memorial service since we had been diagnosed so our emotions were pretty raw. After the service we went to watch cousin Ally's basketball game in Marysville. Snohomish won so they're headed to state. Congratulations. After the game, Dave, Val, Bob, Dy, Rick and I went shopping then out to dinner. I am still stuffed..... we ate too late, and too much. Our friends are a very bad influence.

We talked to Angie today who is in Fairbanks, Alaska...her temperature is zero degrees.
We also talked to Amy today, in Puerto Rico...her temperature was in the high 80's - low 90's
Jake called from Pullman. He didn't mention his temperature, but he was excited because his 5th grade parks and rec basketball team won another game. (I think he has a pretty good little team this year...and they must have a pretty good coach)

My dad really wants to bring wood into the garage for us so I'll mention him in my blog. He was only kidding, but honestly, if I mentioned my dad everytime he did something for me/us, I'd talk about him everyday. As soon as we get the Relay for Life pledge board finished (that he built) I'll post it so you can see one of the many amazing things he does. What a lucky girl I am.

I need to get out in the livingroom and visit my friends before they leave tomorrow.

Hugs and Kisses,
Dor the Big Dreamer

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