Monday, February 19, 2007

Month #10

I knew from day #1 that this journey wasn't always going to be easy, but I also knew I could do it. (whatever IT was). So far, the road hasn't been too bumpy, the scenery has been beautiful, the people I've met along the way will be in my hearts forever, and TARCEVA is still doing it's job. The only problem I seem to have come across is the DETOUR down colon cancer road with Rick. That was not suppose to be part of our journey...but so far, that part of the adventure has gone pretty well... And if I had to change my plans for anyone, who better to do that with than the love of my life?

I'm a 10 month survivor. I now have to start counting with my toes. Before you know it, I'll be counting the years. I looked up the word survivor today and the definition was: to manage to stay alive or continue to exist, especially in difficult situations. I realized that I'm not someone special. We're all survivors. Everyone of us faces a difficult situation at least once a day/week/month. Not just those with cancer. So, I'm just going to keep living...not just surviving.

Live life without regret. Live life to the fullest. Dream Big.

Hugs, Doreen

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Anonymous said...

Hey Doreen-this is Kim's friend April again. Just wanted you to know how much I liked reading todays blog (or yesterday's i think:) anyways you have an amazing way with words! I wanted to congratulate you on being able to look back at 10 months and look ahead to so many years! I have not researched Tarceva yet but will someday soon. Hang in there and always know you have someone over here in Snohomish praying for you..all!