Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blog #225

Can you believe it? I've written to you 225 times and you're still interested in what I have to say...or I think you are? Hey, is there anybody out there? Never the less, here I am.

This photo is of me with my friends Pam and Shelley. They painted this oar (paddle) and had these shirts made especially for us. They say
ScHmItT CREEK PADDLERS with a no cancer sign on the upper left chest. You've gotta love their sense of humor. I've been up this creek a time or two so the paddle came in handy.

I don't need to tell you this (because you already know...and you're probably sick of it) but without our children I'm not sure where we'd be. They are with us at nearly every appointment. They take notes, take photos of the prescriptions we take (so they can keep us organized), haul wood in the garage for the fireplace, make us laugh, comfort us daily.... So whether they are here at our house, over in Pullman, or in Puerto Rico, we feel their presence everyday.

Part of my anxiety at the doctor's office on Tuesday was about having a new CT scan while Amy was gone on her military leave and Jake is still over in Pullman. I didn't want a scan while she was gone, because if they saw that there was a change I would have to tell her (and she would be alone and sad) or I would have to lie to her about the results (and I would be in big trouble when she found out). There was nothing worse for me than having Jake find out about my lung cancer while he was in Pullman, alone. I actually told Megan (his girlfriend) first and had her go to Jake's fraternity to be with him when he found out. My parents drove to be with him for the next couple of days. From now on, we want the kids close by when we get results. Good or Bad. Dr. Eaton assured me that waiting a few weeks would not hurt anything. And...the Dr. knows best.

Jake is looking forward to being home for good the end of March so he can be a bigger part of what's happening around here. I hope he knows what he's getting himself into. Amy is sad right now because she is on a military duty in Puerto Rico. I'm sure it's beautiful there...but she feels bad about not being home for us. I've tried to remind our kids that they should continue having a "life". We are surrounded by so many amazing people who will help us if we need it, that our children need to have a little fun. (Amy did admit last night that it is beautiful where she's at)

Angie is going to have a little fun this long weekend with her friends from Alaska. They are great people who love her and our family, so it will be good for her to spend a little time with them.

I'm not sure how I'll be able to fit work into this busy schedule of mine. Rick has his chemo pump removed this morning, then we'll exchange his dad's cell phone for a new one, go to Michael's Craft store (for some yarn), then get an oil change. You're! What an exciting life these people lead. The important part of that sentence is that "We have a life".

I got these lyrics from a friend the other day...thought I would share them with you...

When I look back on my ordinary, ORDINARY life, I see so much magic, though I missed it at the time.

I never want to miss a magical moment.

Love you more every nano-second,

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