Friday, January 19, 2007

Holy Buckets - It's been 9 months already

Nine months have passed since the dreaded diagnosis day. So much has happened since then. Much of it was good, some not so good...and one thing that was downright horrible. Keep watching for good things to happen. We are going to keep fighting this fight until we have nothing left to give, oh...and we're going to win, because Schmitt's don't like losing.

I went to Angie's school today and watched her teach a classroom full of kindergarten kids. It was delightful. They love her. I believe Angie is the kind of teacher that impacts her classes and the children will never forget her. When I got home from Angie's school, Amy was here to greet me. We snuggled in the warm livingroom then watched a hilarous episode of Ellen. I TIVO'd it so I'll share it with anyone who needs a good laugh! I have the best daughters in the world. Have I mentioned that lately? Oh, and my son's a keeper too, so don't try to take any of them from me - I will share, but you have to give them back!

This afternoon a couple of dear friends delivered a wonderful surprise to our house. Shelly & Pam brought us t-shirts, that read "ScHmItT CREEK PADDLERS" and an oar "paddle" that says, ScHmItT CREEK. They fit the situation we're facing perfectly. We will wear our shirts with pride. I'm sure if you want one they can be purchased at Eagles Nest.

Recently, our family emotions have been so raw. Even though we're close, we are all dealing with the reality of Cancer in different ways. Most of the time the girls get themselves so involved in projects or meetings that it doesn't allow them time to grieve. Rick goes to work to keep his mind off the unknown. Jake is away at college so although he worries about us all the time, we are able to comfort him through a phone conversation. As for me, I'm numb. That's the only way I can explain it. I couldn't tell you what I did yesterday or what I'm suppose to do tomorrow. I had to get a little day planner (that I'm going to carry everywhere with me)...because I can't remember anything. I'm sure it's normal to feel this way when you're facing what we have going on, but I don't like it. If I was suppose to call you, or meet you, or do something for you and didn't...I'm sorry. I hope to be better organized in the upcoming weeks. (But don't hold your breath, there are no guarantees)

I'm getting a little tired so I think I'll call it a night. Thank you for listening :)

Love you more than all the smiles at Disneyland....

Doreen the Dreamer

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