Monday, January 22, 2007

Busy day today

I was going to get up really early and write this blog (since I haven't written one in days) but I just woke up. Sorry. :(

I have scans and x-rays and reports to pick up so we can take them to Rick's appointment tomorrow. Amy and Angie will be with us tomorrow in Seattle for the all day excursion. One of the girls always takes notes as the rest of us try to listen carefully. This cancer stuff is a lot of work. I should have my PhD when we're finished with treatment.

Jake is coming home this weekend and we're all looking forward to seeing him. It's just not the same without him here. Keep praying for good weather over the pass or his plans could change.

Amy, Angie and I put signs up all around Stanwood this weekend for the Relay for Life kickoff. We went out for dinner in LaConner on Saturday night with friends and had a great time. I starting knitting a dish cloth with a heart design in the middle (I didn't say I would finish it...I just said I started it..), and we had a football Sunday. That pretty much sums up the weekend.

I'll try to write more tonight after my whirlwind day is over.

Love you more,


Anonymous said...

I dont see you much, but EVERY day you guys are on my mind, heart, and in my prayers. Love you so much, Jana

Anonymous said...

Could you please post a copy of the "Relay for life" flier on the blog so those who live out of town know how they can participate. Thanks for sharing your story on the blog and for everything you guys are doing to raise awareness for lung cancer.