Friday, January 26, 2007

Here I am

I'm so sorry I haven't written in the past few days. I had a lot to say but I couldn't get my blog to work. Everything is updated now so we shouldn't have anymore problems.

First, let me take us back to Wednesday....I worked (at my job that I haven't been at for weeks) and I thought I would "love it". I loved seeing all my friends and workmates, I loved the kids, and my bosses, and the environment, I loved having lunch with Pam and Neener, but I didn't "love being at work". I've come to a conclusion that work will be fine without me for a while, but more importantly, I realized that I'll be fine without work for a little while too. Apparently, once the kids left home, I started to identify who I was by my work. Truthfully, that's not who I am at all. I'm a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a goofball...and right now, I want to concentrate on all of those very important roles. Troy, Tom and Sheryl are doing a great job at the office. They'll be fine without me (though I'm sure they will miss me...right guys?)

Rick had a rough day recovering from his port-a-cath procedure on Tuesday but by Wednesday night he was feeling much better. (I'm sure the reason he was feeling so cruddy was because of the long day we had on Tuesday.) He found that laying around all day isn't one of his favorite things to do, but he also realized that if he takes it easy, he'll recover quicker. Another one of life's lessons.

Now, on to Thursday...I worked again but only for a half day. I had lunch with my good friend Cathy who just returned from Haiti where she worked with a team of dentists. She shared some amazing stories and I'm very glad she made it home safely.

The Relay for Life Kick Off was a huge success. We've hit our goal of over 50 teams already and we're months away from the actual event. I'm going to attach some photos from last night's gala...(they were taken by our own Larry Libby) I hope you enjoy them. I am so thankful for Amy Terich and the committee who really pulled this thing together. I want to specially thank Peggy for the flowers, cakes and decorations and Karen for the great give-aways and securing the perfect location. My friends Pam, Janeen, Kelly (and her kids), Bill Gum and others, were there early to help set up, then remained available all night to help wherever they saw a need. We had a great turnout of high school students who want to get involved. It was fun to see them all there. However, Rick and I were most proud of our daughters for their love for us and their dedication to this cause. I know I'm the mom, but I really believe last night was such a hit because of their determination to make a change.

Jake is home from college for the weekend so we're going to spend some quality time with him. I'm going to go get dressed so he and I can some errands then have a nice afternoon together. I can't wait til the end of March when he'll be home for good and we'll have our whole family close.

I know I say this all the time, but LIFE IS GOOD.

Dream Big,


Anonymous said...

Hey Slice..

I too was proud of of turn out, It really hit home with what can happen when you get a few freinds and family together. I am proud to be apart of something so big and powerful. Its given me new meaning to life, and what can happen when we all pull together as a team.

Have I told you lately how much I love you? How much I love your family?? How proud I am of each and everyone of you?? Well Please take note of how I feel, and I am sure how others feel about you and your wonderful family!!!! Your all amazing...

Each time I looked around the room last night I was taken back with all the smiles, all the kids that showed up, The love that filled the room was so pure!!

I was asked by someone I love very much, " Do you really think that your Going to make a differece"? Your just one person!! Wow, I thought about that question for a long time, and came up with Yes!!!!!! We might not change the world right now, but look at what can happen when just one person steps forward!! Your sure to gain friends who will take another step with you, and before you know it, we've changed something, somewhere!!!!!

When I sit back and look at my confusing life , I wonder what will I be when I grow up? What is my calling?? Well I have found that giving back, and being a part of something for others is what I want to do:) I love the feeling of being a part of this cause, I love the feeling of knowing that somewhere down the line what I do makes a difference!!:) Dang,now I just have to figure out when to grow up??? lol,lol,lol
Thanks for allowing me to be a part of you!! I love you all very, very much!! The Pegster

Anonymous said...

Along with your list of I'm a .... your also a survivor :)
I too want to thank you for allowing my family and I into your families life. We love you ALL -you all have forever changed us and taught us more than you know.

We heart you all -
Kelly,Morgan,Jordan, Kacy