Thursday, January 04, 2007

Good Morning

The check up with the surgeon for Rick went well yesterday. He reminded us that if Rick had undergone a surgery like this 5 years ago he would still be in the hospital. Let's give a hand to the advances of medical science. Dr. Ochiai told us he was pleased with Rick's progress and even gave him permission to do some tasks I forbid him to do...(you see how much authority I have?) The best news is, he has an appointment to figure out a PLAN at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance on Tuesday. We are thrilled to get started on his recovery.

I'm still not back at work and I don't have any plans to head back until we at least figure out what Rick's treatment will be like. I know if don't take better care of myself, I won't be any good for the rest of my family. They need me now as much as I need them.

Last night, Angie brought us a wonderful dinner prepared by one of the teachers she works with. Besides the great food she sent us, it warms our heart to know that so many people care. (and care about our kids...that's the awesome part)

Gosh, this was so serious. I need to lighten up.

I'm in the "office" setting up a new printer/scanner/fax/copier/back rubber/cook/maid, but I seem to be having some problems with it. I can get the printer,scanner & copier to work, but the fax, cook, maid and back rubber don't seem to running properly. I'll keep trying.

Love you more,
Big Dreamer Dor


Anonymous said...

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”
Confucius, 551-479 BC

--Dave in MT

Anonymous said...

Hey, who's that Mexican guy you're kissin' ???????

Anonymous said...

Once the cook finishes giving the maid a back rub, have them check to make sure the phone line's plugged in securely and that the drivers are up to date. ;)