Friday, January 05, 2007

Busy doing NOTHING

I got so busy doing nothing today that I forgot to write my blog. I'm not kidding. Besides washing my bedding and programming my new phone...I did nada, nothing, zip, zilch. (Oh, I lied. I took a shower but that was around noon) I didn't sleep well again last night so Rick sent me back to bed this morning and I slept until after 9:00am. When I was sleeping, I was having terrible dreams. So whatever sleep I got was very restless.

Rick went to work again for a few hours today. I understand it helps take his mind off his worries, but it adds to mine since I know he should be home recouperating. We're hoping to take a few days (after we find out what Rick's treatment will be like and how the doctor thinks I'm doing) and spend it in Palm Springs with our friends from Snohomish. We can sit around home or we can sit in the sun...Hmmmm, let me think about it? Ok, I've chosen Palm Springs. We figure there is no time like the present to have fun.

We ventured over to the boys high school basketball game tonight against Snohomish. (We lost in the last few minutes but it was a very good game) It was nice to see a lot of the people I work, the kids, their parents and friends we haven't seen since the holidays. We got all the well wishes out of the way before the game started so we were able to just enjoy what we love. Sporting events!

Tomorrow is the big Seahawks playoff game. Get your blue on and root for the home team. I know they can make us crazy sometimes, but who doesn't?

Love you more than all the fans at Quest Field tomorrow.


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