Saturday, December 02, 2006

Pressing Question?

First, let me say that I know "nothing" about my test results. I'll know more on Wednesday. And you'll be the first 1,000 people I tell....

Now for my pressing question. You know how when you break a mirror, it's 7 years bad luck? If I break one, will I be guaranteed 7 more years to serve my sentence? Well, I didn't break the mirror, but I broke the handle on I need to know if that counts for something? I sure hope so. Any experts out there on this sort of thing?

I'm heading out to work at a High School Wrestling Match (not the kind on TV). I won't be doing the wrestling...thank Goodness. Imagine me in one of those spandex suits? Yuk. Sorry if you got a visual on that....

Any Hooters, I've gotta go! I'll write more later.

Hugs and kisses,
Big Dreamer, Doreen


Anonymous said...

Gurl, I mean my Homeslice!!! I totally can see you in the spandex suit!!!

Any HOOTERS?? First things I thought of was a nice Hamberger?? and a peppered up beer?? What's that about?? Yea, Crazy Pegster is still around...

I sure miss you, and our talks!! Who else can keep mein check?? Not a soul will step up to that task!!

I know all will come back good on the scans so no need for luck being sent, But I will give you lots of Pegster love, with big hugs and kitty licks, Sorry gurls I have to steal that one... Love you all, Pegster, Peg, AKA the crazy ol lady!!

Janeen said...

Okay, ATHLETIC Secretary. They are called SINGLETS. I've been thinking about getting an Extra Small one and wearing it under my clothes to serve as a girdle.
How's that for a visual!