Sunday, November 19, 2006

Seahawk Sunday

Though the Hawks aren't doing very well today, I'm still enjoying myself because I'm spending the day with the kids and Rick. Jake is home for Thanksgiving break so we're all here... It couldn't be better. (well, yes it could... who am I kidding?) Erin brought over chili and cornbread so our tummys are warm and full.....

Rick gave me "permission" to go to the Stanwood girls state soccer championship game last night in Tacoma. He fought me on it - but I won. I was bundled up (with a scarf, hat, gloves, blanket, etc.) and my foot was propped on a stool that Janeen brought along. I promise I was very well taken care of. We lost a close one 1 - 0. Even though I'm sure the team is dissapointed, our community is very proud of their accomplishment. 2nd in State is nothing to feel bad about. Go Spartans!

Honestly, the swelling has gone down significantly in my foot (according to me) and it doesn't hurt too bad. I've been coughing a bunch, but my chest doesn't feel as tight so I think the gunk is finally breaking up. I'm on the mend. Nothing to worry about. Please convince my family. (They're making me a little nuts - but I know it's because they love me)

I'm looking around my house right now and I'm smiling because of all the beautiful flowers I've been sent over the past few days. It really does brighten my life when I'm blessed with fresh flowers. Thanks Mom and Dad, Bob & Dy, Bonnie, and Pam. Thanks too for all the kind e-mails and cards. I'm so thankful to have all of you in my life.

Gotta get back to the game. You never know what might happen.

Love you more than all the rain in Washington today...

Dream Big,

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