Friday, November 17, 2006

Day 2 on the couch

I really don't like sitting on the couch with my foot up in the air...I want to go watch girls soccer (they won again tonight and will be playing in the State Championship game tomorrow night at 8:00pm in Tacoma). And vacuum. And shop. Or cook. I wasn't cut out for lazy. I've knit 3 scarves in the past 2 days. People are going to get sick of my scarf presents.

I'm trying to accept this "down time" as a healing opportunity. So far I'm not doing very well.
I need to have my foot up so the swelling goes down, and I need to have my head up so I won't cough. I've discovered that sleeping in the shape of a V is not that comfortable. Don't try it unless it's a last resort.

Tomorrow is Apple Cup. I'll be "hanging" around the big screen hopefully watching the cougars beat the huskies... Don't forget to root for my Spartan Girls Soccer Team....they've made us very proud!

Love you more than turkey and mashed potatoes...
Dream Big,


Anonymous said...

Hi Doreen, Just checking to see how you are doing. I haven't been on your blog in quite some time. Wow!!! You really are an amazing person you know that!!!! I'm sorry to hear about your ankle, but it sounds like it could have been much worse. My motto.... things could always be worse. I am always thankful for that! You are an inspiration to so many of us just by being you. You are a gift. Thank you. Take care sweetie, talk to you soon.
Karen and Gene Eidsness

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon from Head to Toe!

Kelly and Morgan

Anonymous said...

Just a helpful hint, have your husband or kids get you a small bicycle basket to attach to your crutches, it is so handy! I fell down my stairs on Halloween night and broke my ankle, I've got 3 weeks into it now and another 3 and 1/2 before I can bear any weight on it. Lot's of hardware inside...boy will I set off the metal detectors at the airport now. Anyway, such is life, right? Take care and drop me a line...Love ya, Karla