Sunday, October 22, 2006

There is still time to donate!

I have been receiving many phone calls and emails asking me if they can still donate to the ABAFTC Foundation before my parents leave for San Francisco. The answer is YES! Besides the nearly $500 that was donated this weekend by Haggen shoppers I have also received hundreds of dollars through the mail. If you are one of the people who are still interested in donating:

Send Checks to: Angie Schmitt, 18607 Ballantrae Dr., Arlington WA 98223

Make Checks payable to: "A Breath Away From the Cure" (ABAFTC)

Thank you for your continued support!

Dream Big-

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Linda Zimmer said...

Hi Doreen, Haven't seen you forever, so thought we needed to catch up. I heard about your cancer from Megan because of the KISS Radio Contest - Congrats to you and Rick!
Life takes us on some strange journeys as we travel through. Your path is rough and rocky, but the smooth pebbles you encouter along the way are what keep you moving forward. Thank God for family, friends, faith, and fabulous Doctors.
I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in Mid May of this year. Finished up my chemo treatments, and start radiation this coming week. When my hair started to fall out, our family had a head shaving party! (As fun and goofy as your family, for sure!) I am feeling well, my prognosis is good, and I give thanks every day. I feel that there must be more for me to do, and I trust that God will show me the way as I walk my own pathway.
Paige and Megan are doing well. Megan is expecting a baby boy in February, and she and her dear husband Rob are starting a huge remodel on their house in Bellevue. She continues to work at KISS Radio and Rob works at Starbucks - IT Director.
Paige and her wonderful husband Nate are living in Philadelphia where Nate is at Temple Dental (2 years down and 2 to go). Paige is a high school counsel and is passionate about helping kids. We have been to Philly several times to visit them, and just returned for a fun filled week, including a weekend in DC for the 4 of us. Girls, Hubbies, and Don and I spent last Christmas in New York City - more fun that I can tell you, and special memories to rewind and view over and over again in my memory video.
So, sweet girl, take care, hi to all of your dear family, and much love from the Zimmers to all of you.