Sunday, October 22, 2006

Another sleepless night

Here it is after midnight and I'm wide awake. Seems like a great time to ramble... On Saturday morning I met my friend Peggy, and Angie and Erin at Haggen's for an awareness session (that's what I prefer to call a card table with literature and a donation jar on it). It is amazing how many people stopped by to share their wonderful stories and donate to our worthy cause. I visited with some old friends and made a some new ones in my few short hours in front of Haggen's. In the past 2 days we raised nearly $500 more for ABAFTC (A Breath Away from the Cure). I can't wait to hand a big check over to Bonnie Addario and her foundation. I've never felt so passionate about a cause as I do about ABAFTC. We are going to make lung cancer awareness as visable as what Susan G. Komen's Foundation has done for breast cancer. Take a DEEP BREATH and BELIEVE!

This afternoon I headed up to Amy's for a visit and we ventured off to Costco and Michael's (for more yarn...I was starting to run out). While Amy and I were at Costco I ran into some old friends of mine, Kim & Georgia, from Mt. Vernon who I have not seen since my diagnosis. I know they read my blog regularly so I thought they knew I was doing well. When I saw Kim he said "Hey, aren't you suppose to be sick or something?" Apparently, for those of you who haven't seen me in the past 6 months...I'm looking better than usual. I tell everyone it must be the lung cancer...But, please don't try it. Just like a Jenny Craig commercial the *results are not typical :)

I haven't been to San Francisco in probably 20 years or so. I keep looking online and asking around for a neat area and/or place to stay, but I have way too many choices. I was hoping to book everything by today, but reservations closed before I could confirm anything. So, since I have another day to plan, does anyone out there have a favorite place they would like to tell me about? If you do, e-mail me at What would I do without all of you taking care of me?

I'm actually starting to get sleepy eyes so I think I'll head off to bed. It's another big football Sunday at our house tomorrow. Menu for the day: Pizza, salad and PUMPKIN PIE.

Love you more than my son loves being a Washington State Cougar :)
Dream Big,

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