Sunday, October 29, 2006

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth

Just in case you wondered...I've had a very busy weekend. Now, at 6:00 am which is actually 7:00 am or 5:00 am (again a math related topic-Rick will tell me when he wakes up what time it really is) things seem calmer.

I was unable to let my secret out until now. Jacob came home on Thursday night to surprise my mom (his grandma) for her birthday. She was very happily surprised, but we had to hide him from her for a day and a half. Her birthday party was a success. Friendship, food and laughter was had by all.

You would think I'm an athletic secretary, but I have to share my good news. The girls soccer team clenched the league championship with a win over Lake Stevens on Saturday which gives them an automatic berth to state. Our girls swim team is sending more swimmers to the district meet than ever before. Volleyball is going to districts for their upteenth time in a row. Our boys tennis team is headed for State. But, I'm not sure about cross country (I haven't been to the mailbox yet). Ok, enough Spartan talk. I can't help it. It's just that I'm very excited for "all my kids".

The television special about lung cancer aired last night. I was on a couple of times so if you need an autograph, please just stop by my office and I would be glad to give you one. Ok, I'm not famous and I never really had a desire to be... What I am excited about it the lady that was featured on the program who is taking TARCEVA and doing very well. Apparently, if you have a certain gene, you are a better candidate for this kind of treatment. With the great genes I have, I'm certain I have the special one I need for a longer life. The program gave me a lot of hope. For those of you who watched, I promise I didn't cry all night long. They just seemed to pick my emotional moments up on camera.

We had a fun morning at Haggen's (in Mt. Vernon) bringing awareness to the Skagit community while raising a little money. I am baffled by the generosity of so many of you. Thank you again for helping this amazing organization. There is no doubt in my mind that A Breath Away From The Cure will help save many lives....maybe even one of ours. My good buddy Larry Libby (who calls me the 4th daughter he never had - and I feel honored by that) has been designated as our team photographer. Just when we need a candid shot, Larry shows up to snap a photo. For those of you who don't know him yet, I hope you get the chance to meet him. For those of us who do....we are the lucky ones. I would like to add in Larry's words "I would be happy to print these photos on fine parchment paper...please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery". (I've never waited for more than a day - LLL, you're the best)

Amy and Angie attended Relay University (another degree they're probably working on) yesterday in Seattle. They want the Stanwood-Camano Relay for Life (that will be held in June) to be the best one yet. Somehow, I don't think they'll stop until that happens.

I think I'll crawl back into bed for just a little longer. I hope it's not almost 9:00am. I've got a Seahawk game to get ready for. This time, the "whole" family is here and I love it!

I love you more than all the leaves in our yard.

Dream Big,


Anonymous said...

Hello Doreen! My name is Val Lewis - my Mum was diagnosed this past May with lung cancer - she's now finished her chemotherapy and radiation, and has her next scan in about one week.... Cindy Cutforth sent me the link to your blog...I think you are a remarkable woman...I admire your strength, as well as your wonderful sense of humor. I wish you much love and courage continuing on with your winning battle.
All the best to you - Val XOXO

Anonymous said...

HI DOREEN THIS IS lISA DELMERS DAUGHTER i ENJOY ALL OF YOURE BLOGS!! I hope you know that when I saw you at the reunion I was really inspired by youre spirit and courage!! my email address is if you get time I would love to beable to chat with u someday!! im so happy that I got to see you and all the others that day in desert aire!! Have a great day!! Lisa:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Doreen,

I had planned to watch the lung cancer special at 9pm and I was in the kitchen and it was around 7pm and I looked up and saw your beautiful face on TV on channel 6. You were great and I hope it brought alot more awareness to people, I know that you have brought alot more awareness to me. oh and the next time I see you I would love your autograph. I love reading your blogs and GO GO Tarceva!!!

Much Love Your cousin Beccy, Scott and Zach