Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm back from Portland

What a wonderful time I had this weekend with my friends. We went to a Women in Faith conference where we were reminded just how lucky we are. We laughed, and cried (some of us more than others), and hopefully came away with some tools that we will need to help us get through the lives we were intended to live.

Robin McGraw (Dr. Phil's wife) was one of the guest speakers. When she was done speaking, Dr. Phil came up to the stage and walked her off just like she does at each of his show tapings. It was very sweet. All the speakers had such powerful messages it was hard to pick a favorite.
The most important thing I took away from this weekend however was to keep sharing my contagious joy. I do love life. I live it proudly everyday with my support staff right by my side.

I was so excited to go shopping and "save a bundle" in no- tax Oregon, but I couldn't find a thing to buy (besides funny cards and some stocking stuffers...There are only 71 more shopping days until Christmas). I tried on a bunch of pretty dresses for my big Gala in San Francisco but I couldn't make up my mind which one I really wanted, oops, I mean needed.

I'd better get to bed. It's way past my bedtime and the Seahawks start at 10:00. I hope I'm out of bed by then. Just kidding, I should be up by 9:57 at the latest.

Dream Big,

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