Monday, October 16, 2006

Couldn't sleep so I thought I'd say HI

Here it is 11:00pm on a work night and I'm wide awake. (this is not to say I wasn't prepared for bed at 5:30 - when I put my jammies on) My joints have been aching when it gets cold, I've had a cough and a tickle in my throat and my mind is wandering. It could be all the excitement about going to San Francisco or the panic of not having everything planned yet. It might just be that I'm not tired, but that sounds too easy. I think I'll go knit a little. If this insomnia keeps up, you'll all get a scarf for Christmas. :)

Dream Big - I would, if I could close my eyes long enough to go to sleep, so for now...

Love you,


Anonymous said...

You silly Goose!!! You sound like me, but my issue was this morning, like lets say 3:30.. I woke up and my body was saying get the heck out of bed?? Heck no, I just kept on trying to go back to Sleep and then the brightness to the morning came so it was time!! Dang, I missed some good dreams!!!!:):)

Anyway, I hope that your doing ok, Sorry I didn't call you back the other night!! But we'll be talking soon...

Don't stress San Fran. You'll be just fine, and I am sure that you'll be more then packed and ready to go when the time comes. I am so excited for you and Rick, It will be a good trip...

Okay, Love you like the colors in a rainbow!! Have a most awesome day... Your Pegster..

Anonymous said...

If there was a penny put in a jar for all the times any person thought about you doreen! Lung cancer would be cured cause you could use all that money to research it! I know I have thought about you a million times at least. You have my vote for best survivor contestant yet! I DO NOT VOTE YOU OFF THE Island! I love you so much but even more I thank you for you and what you did for everyone and continue to do for everyone! Your strong Doreen! I love you I appreciate you! I want to be the best person I can be because of you! Your curageous heart gives a lot people hope Dor! I miss you!
<3 A girl that was so thankful to have kept you so close at heart! Forgive her because she is still scared!

Anonymous said...


Catching up on your blog. You continue to amaze me! Each time I read you postings, it makes me reflect on the TRUE gifts in my life! Have a wonderful time in SFO! I will be thinking of you!
Julie H.