Monday, October 02, 2006

Autumn is Here...

I love fall. I love how the sun can be shining ~ but when you walk outside the chill in the air can cut right through you. I love pumpkins and the changing colors . And...spiced cider. I love candy corn, black jelly beans and carmels (the kind that you buy to make carameled apples but eat too many before you remember to buy apples - speaking from experience).

However, autumn also brings...dead plants, spiderwebs and halloween (my least favorite holiday...I'll share those stories later). Clearly the good out weighs the bad!

I didn't write anything yesterday because I had a headache (and a half). I took it easy most of the afternoon and it seemed to wear off a little before I went to bed. The Seahawk game didn't help the pain... I think the headaches are just from stress (anxiety). Even when I think I have everything under control, my body knows differently. I've decided to take up knitting again. I call it "knot" therapy. Have you ever noticed all my different types of therapy?

Ironing - "Heat" therapy
Knitting - "Knot" therapy
Friends - "Laughter" therapy
Gardening - "Dirt" therapy
Love - "Physical" therapy

I'm sure you all have a few therapies of your own, but these are the ones that work for me. You're welcome to try some of mine if you're up for it!

Hugs and kisses,
Dreamer Dor


Anonymous said...

Okay Doreen!
I'd love to be knotty with you anytime! Big needles, chunky thread makes those rows fly by!
Love you more than all the knits & pearls (& knots) I've had to pull out of my pieces of perfection!
;0) Donna

Anonymous said...

Have some fun with it! Get some alpacka, cashmere, etc. and make some really toasty and comfy stuff for the upcoming cold season.

--Dave in MT

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the knitting lesson. I think I am addicted, though very bad at it so far. Maybe I'll have my first scarf done when I return from California!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Well I hate to be so late in writing my two bits,and you know it won't stop me now... You know I hate it when your Fav. Peeps say, "I told you so" Well I will be one of those Peeps now, Seahawks didn't bring their A game, Your lucky that all you got was a headache... I was yelling for the Hawks so much that I lost my voice!!! Then I had to go walk the frustration off... and when I got back Nothing had changed other then No one was watching the game!! Sorry Amy, What it is, Is what it is!!
And Don't go kickin me off the Dream Team Foo...

Knitting? Someday you'll have to teach me how to do that.. I am sure its a GREAT stress release, God knows I could use some of that these days...

Lets Hang soon K... Hey Bob, had any Wet Willies lately??lol,lol... Love you like the smell of fall.... Pegster