Thursday, October 19, 2006

1980 and 2004

I looked thru all of my pictures at the house and these are the only Halloween pictures I have. Although Angie and I tease my mom that we were always clowns... she seems to think that we are exaggerating. (If anyone out there has a photo of us dressed as something else, I would love to see it.) I think it's fitting that the only picture I could find from my childhood has us as... CLOWNS. :) I guess we were pretty cute though so I can't blame her for sticking with whatever worked.

I also attached a picture from a few years ago. My mom made our costumes. It is the only time I have ever dressed up as an adult but the costumes turned out pretty well. We went to a Halloween Party and we were voted best costumes. Way to go mom. :)



Janeen said...

Amy & Angie,

Were you two little clowns rubbing your tummy because you ate too much candy? Or, were you showing that you still had room in there for more?
My twins always wanted to look SCARY! So, they didn't usually get the "Aren't they cute!" or the hugs and kisses. Maybe it was because of the fake blood they had dripping from their mouths or the eyeball on their cheek.

Love you more than witches love their brooms!
Janeen (your mom's friend)

Anonymous said...

There was a couple times when I was a clown too. I remember the Halloween when we went to the Pierce's barn and bobbed for apples. I had that creepy mask on that night. Well I love you and miss you. Hopefully I will see you tomorrow, but I understand if you don't come.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh My Gosh, You two as little ones are way to cute for your own good!!:) I love the Picture of the four of you too!! Nice job Slice!! You are Multi talented..We are going to a costume Party this year, and I went all out and and will dress as a Nurse, And John will be a Doc. Way too fun... Peace out, Pegster