Sunday, September 10, 2006

Seahawk Sunday

The girls came over for our first of many Seahawk Sundays together. Rick was at work again this morning, so for most of the day it was just us girls watching football. I whipped up a little brunch (baked carmelized french toast with warm cinnamon apples and pure maple syrup). It was yummy! Perhaps this kind of cooking is the reason I've put on 15 pounds? It's days like this when we all get together that I miss Jake the most. He would have had a great time snuggling with us while yelling at the big screen :) Rick made it home later in the day and we all had lunch together (while we watched more football)...

Last night I was reading some literature from the Lung Cancer Alliance. While reading this, I was again reminded of how VERY lucky I am. I used to be angry that people would ask if I smoked? Now, I can only find sadness in my heart when I think of the pain that smoker's must face when they have to tell their family and friends that they are diagnosed with lung cancer. My family has never accused me of doing something to cause my cancer and I've been blessed to have a support system that has had nothing but sympathy and concern for me. Imagine what it must be like to have been a smoker (who's family has nagged at them for years to quit) who has to tell their family they have lung cancer. I can't imagine they would get much sympathy. I would guess they would be angry, not only at cancer but also their parent or loved one for the choices they had made. It's lightbulb moments like this that remind me how fortunate I really am.

I'm a little restless tonight. My "stupid" headache is still with me (I can't think of a better way to describe it without a swear word). Oh, how I love a dull pound in my brain when I'm trying to sleep. I'd better go now.

I love you more than all the "little favors" my parents have done for us over the years. :) (I'm telling you, I really am lucky!)

Dream (thump) Big (thump, thump)- (Sorry, that's just the head talking)

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