Sunday, August 13, 2006

Back to Reality

Here's the deal...I'm officially back to work tomorrow. I've worked a few hours here and there, but nothing substantial. I've had an amazing summer. I've done little to no gardening (weeding), housework was a thing of the past, I've learned to nap, spent a great deal of time vacationing and playing with friends and family, I've read some books that were on my list, and I sat in the front row of the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert (I promise that will be the last time I mention it). But now, the Stanwood High School Athletic Department needs me. Ok, I might need it more than I'm willing to admit. I'm looking forward to my old routine. Get up, go to work, laugh, work some more, lunch with my friends, laugh, work a little more, then home. Sounds like heaven to me.

I'm attaching some photos. Hope you enjoy them.

Happy Birthday to my dear friends Janeen (Neener) who is celebrating her 39th birthday for the umpteenth time (you look fabulous) and one of my "daughters" Morgan, who just turned 18...don't forget you are now responsible for your own actions. (Just kidding, we'll blame your brother :)

Before I end this blog, I want to make sure that my "soulmate" knows what an incredible time I had this past weekend. Though you always make me feel loved and needed, this weekend was an extra special time for just the two of us. Thank you Ricky, for the gentle reminders of your love. Forever, Me

Dream Big,


Amy Schmitt said...

What a good looking couple. :) Tim and Faith aren't too bad either. It looks like you had a blast. Thanks for posting some pictures.

Hugs and Kisses-

Anonymous said...

Nice Picture!! I just want to know who's boots are who's??? Are Ricks the red ones, or is that you Slice??? Either way, Nice lookin boots!! :)
Glad that you and your soumate had a good time!! I am sure I wouldn't know any of the songs, maybe I had better get a little more diverse with my music??? What you think Rick??
Its hard to believe that summer is coming to an end, and school will be starting soon enough.. Well for the staff anyway..
Let me know girl if you need my help doing anything K... You know I am always there for a you... Big Pegster Hugs... Me

Anonymous said...

there should be an "l" in that soumate word...Opps..Sorry, Peg

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you two had an awesome time (I just couldn't imagine you coming back saying it was no fun).

I think about you two all the time, and your loving family.

Take Care,