Thursday, June 22, 2006

My day of pampering...

Wow! Today I enjoyed a "Day of Beauty" in Bellevue at the Gene Juarez Galleria. It all began at 11:30 when I was escorted to the Spa area and given a warm fuzzy robe and slippers to wear. I had a bio-nutrient facial (with neck and scalp massage) until 12:45 when I took a Swiss shower (jets coming at me from all angles), catered lunch at 1:00, then at 2:00 I was whisked off to my amazing pedicure with reflexology, 3:00 was my foil (highlight), followed by a cut at 4:00. I left the building around 5:15 feeling completely spoiled. (Thank you for the wonderful day Dawn) After my day of pampering, my sister-in-law Dawn and my niece Darlena and I went to dinner at P.F. Chang's. (I've attached a photo of my new look. I'm pretty blonde, but I really love it! The cut is short and wild. Just like me :)

I told Rick that I intend to pamper myself like this once a year for the rest of my life. He's hoping I spend lots of money at Gene Juarez over the next 20 or 30 years....

I'm feeling fresh and rested and it's almost 9:00pm. I might have to do this spa thing more often. Love you more than all the BMW's in Bellevue.

Dream Big,
The new and improved Doreen


Your friend, Janeen said...

You look bee-you-tea-full!
Love you more than all the times you have heard and will hear, "I love you."

Way to go, Dawn (and Darlena)!

Angie said...

Wow! You look great mom! It sounds like it was a relaxing, well deserved day.

I love you more than all of the New York Yankee Championships!


Erika said...

Hey Neighbor,

What a great day!! Cute hair! Just hearing about your day made me feel relaxed.

As i was getting some water this morning I thought of you.

I love you more than all the dirt in our water !!!


Anonymous said...

Can you say knock out!! Dang slice you are looking most refreshed!! You had better watch out because you know what they say about blondes, They really do have more fun!! Rick, Behave yourself!!:) take it easy on our girl!!! Can't wait to see you tonight!! Big hugs, Love you more then french frys....Peg

Anonymous said...

Ohh and I love you more then the RED SOXS!!!!!!!!!:)Peg

Anonymous said...

Now I'm jealous...! -John G-

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Doreen. Great news on the CT scan. All of us husbands should take note of how enjoyable your visit to the salon was and treat our wives to the same to show our love and appreciation for them. Thank you for your continuing posts of your strong faith and hope.

Dan Haskins

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan....

You think that you could talk my man into spoiling me with a Salon treatment!! He doesn't pay much attention to things like that!! And I love that you think ALL us ladies should be treated and spoiled... Your great for thinking that!!

And one woman indeed needs all the pampering for sure and that's my Homeslice, Love ya Dor, Peg