Saturday, June 24, 2006

Friday Night with the Girls

I feel as though I have a new and exciting story to tell everyday. Here goes another one... Tonight, 9 of my dearest buddies and I watched a women's professional basketball game (Seattle Storm vs. San Antonio Stars) from Suite Seats at Key Arena. What a blast (Seattle won, but I hardly watched any of the game...I was too busy talking and joking around with my friends and making noise with the giveaway items they gave us on the way in) We laughed from Stanwood to Seattle and back. We met at Amigo's for appetizers then stopped at Dick's on the way home (for a Dick's deluxe and fries w/tarter). If you can't tie good food into a trip, I say don't bother going anywhere.

Thanks to all of you for spending the evening together with me. I loved every minute of it (especially sharing the backseat with Morgan - I've never felt safer:) My life is richer because of your love and friendship.

I love you more than all the mullets we saw at the game tonight....

Dream Big,


Anonymous said...

I have to say Slice it was a blast!! And a great time people watching!! We had a good time even if I couldn't hear half the things you were saying, do to you being waaaay back in the suburban....

I have never seen you have sooo much fun, It was great listening to you and Donna and Cindy laughing, and catching Miss Kelly jumping Suites to visit with the ladies next to us.. T-bone was looking hard at our suite!!! I would do it all over again... But the next time I won't be borrowing Kelly's little toys!!!!! Talk about standing at attention!! Love you more then Diet Coke!! Peg

Anonymous said...

I must say thank you myself for the "Suite Reward". You were all great about "stuffing" yourself into the Burb! I had a great time. Peggy your "attention" to detail was as good as the appetizers! Let's keep doing what we've started,it's a "GOOD THING".

Nothing better than good food,good people,good laughs, to make many memories for a lifetime.

"Love you more than all the brake lights I followed last night"!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed it. it sounds like you had a great time.