Saturday, June 17, 2006

Just a weird kind of day~

Hi Buddies,

I'm not sure what's happening to me right now. I don't feel bad. I just feel different. I've been sleeping more, more emotional (if that's at all possible), lonely (but not alone), and feeling very uncertain. It's probably because I have my 2 month check-up on Tuesday. I don't have any reason to think they're not going to give me a good report, I'm just anxious. The kids are all gone this weekend and Rick has been cutting wood so I'm spending more time with myself. How can you guys all stand me? No wonder I'm tired....I bore myself to sleep.

I don't like to write in my blog when I'm feeling down because I don't want others to feel sad for me. But, I've realized that you are the ones who help lift me back up, so I guess you want to know everything...not just the candy-coated version of "Doreen's Updates".

We are going to a friends 50th birthday party today (He is actually a friend of Rick' friends are all so much younger...just kidding Reid) so hopefully that will bring my spirits up. It will be fun to get together with people we haven't seen in a while. And, anytime you can make fun of someone else's age....who wouldn't enjoy themself?

Our book is coming along great. You have all sent some really insightful & humorus "I love you more thans..." Keep them coming! We're going to be famous.

I love you more than all the gigahooters in my computer.


Anonymous said...

Hello Super Dor,

I have been trying to think of something to make you smile, so I thought I would update you on Thing 1 and Think 2. They are both feeling better and seem to be nice and perky these days.
I Love you MORE!
Debbie H.

Anonymous said...

Okay Debbie that isn't nice!! We don't know what # one thing is or # 2 thing??? Sooo unfair!! But I will let you have your inside stuff.... Because God only knows that I carry a lot of that inside stuff around with me.... Homeslice, You need to call me!! We could of gone shopping or worked in the garden!! Or looked at each others stretch marks?? I would of been down with just about anything!!
Keep those spirts high my girl!! I have good feelings about what this week will bring you...:) And don't ever think for a moment that we don't think that you have some off days here and there, we all are only a call away!!! Shoot I could of told you how this trainer kicked my Butt!! Ok, I hope that you had a good time at the party!! I love it when I can make fun of others peoples age, the sad things is one day I will be that age, then what??? Love you more then all then the different wines in the world!! Hugs to my Slice....

Anonymous said...