Monday, November 30, 2009

Doctor's Visit

I had a check up appointment today (1/2 way point for the clinical trial). After my exam and talk with Dr. West, he is almost certain that no good is coming from the trial. He gave me the option to stop the drugs, but I only have one more week until this round is over so I said I would just keep taking it and after my next CT scan, I'll stop. We talked a lot about all the discomfort I have breathing and the pain in my windpipe, so on Wednesday I'm heading to see a pulmonologist so he can scope out my throat to see what's going on. The Doc said the problem is most likely progression of the disease rather than a windpipe problem. I didn't especially like that answer, but I needed to hear it just in case they can't find anything new when they do the scope.

Val took me to my appointment today and we brought our knitting. In between each appointment, we took out our knitting needles and yarn and gabbed like a couple of old women. Oh wait, we are a couple of old women. Tomorrow, Dave is taking Rick to his chemo. It's wonderful having friends around who help break up the monotony of our day to day routines.

I'm ready to head to bed now and sleep off the news of today. I'm hoping things are brighter for Rick tomorrow and I learn some good things on Wednesday.

Keep dreaming big,


CFCina said...

Continuing to send lots of virtual hugs and prayers to you guys! ;-)

Love, Kathy & Charlie!

Stacey said...

Thinking of you and I am reflecting back your strength with my magic mirror:)

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and Rick and sending you positive thoughts along with a lot of love. Andi

Anonymous said...

Always love and hope to you.

Joan Z said...

Love, strength and hope - You and your husband are in my thoughts.
Joan Zimmermann

Anonymous said...

I am sending good thoguths and prayers. I know it isnt much BUT cancer still doesnt know who is in charge. My husband just started a new chemo today, I fear we are going to run out of treatments soon,I hope and pray they can keep finding new treatments for ALL of you keep up the postive thoughts Donna

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and your family! Positive energy coming your way from Burlington! Hugs! Kathy Hill