Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fatigue is a dirty word

Be watching for a new blog site. With less than 20 entries left until I've filled my quota, I need to start thinking of a new name....I could use your help. Who would have known that "" would have lasted almost 4 years? I need something catchy, easy to remember and pass on.

As you can tell it's 6:30am and I'm up. I've been awake for about an hour (hoping it was just a dream that I was already awake) but no such luck. The only things bothering me right now are my constant state of being nauseous (I have meds to control that) and the overwhelming state of fatigue. I want to read but my eyes won't stay open. I want to knit, but I can't get my hands to move in the right direction. After brief little naps, I take full advantage of doing the things I can, starting dinner, unloading the dishwasher, a little knitting, doing laundry....then it hits me again and I lay down on my bed for what I think is going to be a couple of minutes....and it's 2 hours later when I wake up. The good part? I only have 6 pills left to take for this cycle of chemo then I have 2 weeks off. I've got an appointment with a doc from Swedish to do an endoscope of my esophagus to see what's going on down there. I can only describe the pain as though I have a bone caught in my throat when I cough, swallow too hard, or breathe too deep. I know my body all too well and this is definitely something different. I'm hoping that once I'm done with this cycle of chemo pills that my body will start to feel like it's old self again.

Rick's chemo went well again on Tuesday. As for now, he is just scheduled for his regular routine of chemo drugs every other Tuesday until December. After that, we'll re access our plans.

Megan has been coming down with a respiratory infection of some kind, so she spends every moment she's home down in their basement apartment. If she does have to come upstairs for anything, she wears a blue protective mask with a duck face printed on the front. We're all hoping she gets better soon.

Dave and Val's house is nearing it's final stages. I know they're anxious to get all moved in and start their new life over near Leavenworth, but I'm already missing them.

Shannon had another spot of melanoma removed from her chest on Monday. Angie and I stayed in the room while they cut it out (oh my goodness they take a lot of skin for just a tiny mole). I know it's uncomfortable to have to go through this, but she's much happier to do it now while the cancer is in it's early stages rather than wait until it's out of control.

Amy stopped by last night while I was just laying down for a quick little rest. Poor thing, didn't get much time to visit with me since I was so out of it, but I got to snuggle with her until it was time for her to leave. I love that time with my kids.

Ok, I think it's time for me to head back to bed for a little early morning nap. I'm hoping to go to lunch today with some old friends...I hope I wake up in time.

Dreaming Big,


Anonymous said...

I think "Dreaming Big" would be a great new blog name! Or..."Life is Good".
Good luck with the endoscope!
You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I agree, "Dreaming Big", great new blog name...have a restful weekend!

Anonymous said...

I agree! My first thought was Dream Big and then Doreen's Dream Team. I have been following your blog since nearly the beginning. I think it would be great if one of your readers out there somewhere that was website saavy could make you your own website. What a tremendous service you are providing us. Thank you for this blog.

Judi Seegert said...

Your "old friends" will wait for your "new friend", "Fatigue" to move out!!! I sent you a note through Facebook this morning. I hope you get it!

Amy said...

Are you sure about that 1,000-post limit? I know of lots of Blogger accounts with more than 5,000 posts. I'd hate to see you go to the effort of creating a new blog if this one would still work.

Anonymous said...

I like 'Dreaming Big' too. It is what we should ALL do. You have shown us the way to do it, brave lady!! Though we may never meet, I certainly feel I can call you my friend!