Monday, October 19, 2009

Early Morning

Rick has been unable to sleep for the past couple of hours and since he can't sleep, I guess my body doesn't want to sleep either. I attempted to knit (but I needed to concentrate too much) so I gave that up. Now I'm just watching the news which is sad so I'm thinking about putting my ipod on and just listen to music instead.

This afternoon I have an appointment with Dr. West at Swedish. I've spent way too much time in a state of fatigue lately and my thyroid counts were way off on Wednesday so they want to check me out again just to make sure everything is ok. I only have about 10 days of pills left in this cycle then I have 2 weeks off. I'm looking forward to that!

I guess I'd better try and get a little shut eye before it's time to wake up again. I'll let you know how my appointment goes this afternoon.

Dreaming Big with my eyes wide open at 4:30am... ugh!

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