Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Chemo Tuesday

Rick's chemo went as planned today. He's a little tired tonight but otherwise he's feeling pretty good. He just finished a bowl of chicken noodle soup that Val made us for dinner.

During Rick's doctor's appointment today I had a little meltdown. I told the doctor how I was worried about Rick and the changes I was seeing in him. We explained how we were sad about the liver chemo embolization not working. After a much needed pep talk, Dr. Whiting reminded us about all the things that are still normal in our lives. He told us not to put so much power in the liver process (he said he has lots of patients with cancer that has spread to their liver and they don't even get to try the procedure). Rick was lucky enough to have it work at least once (and maybe more if we're lucky). He gave us some really great advice so by the time we left his office we were both feeling better about life in general.

Lately, I've allowed fear into my personal space. Today, I kicked it out.

Just keep dreaming big...


Anonymous said...

Keep on kicking. Fear is a sneaky bastard.

Anonymous said...

while it is hard not to have fear, remember that saying there is nothing to fear but fear itself. we have taken on the attitude, live for today love for today laugh for today, and then figure out what you are going to pull on someone tommrrow to make them smile:) Keep up the postive attitude

Anonymous said...

I keep getting this weird feeling in my stomach. I hope you guys are holding up ok. Hard not to have fear. It's ok to. I'm still praying for you guys and I won't stop raising my voice, think god is getting tired of me:)

Love you guys.

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