Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Change of Plans

After a terrible night's sleep (my bed was comfy, but my mind was racing about Rick's surgery) we got up and left for Seattle around 6:30am. Rick got all prepped and then we waited for a surgical room to become available. Before we got to the operating room however, they checked out Rick's blood and found that it was too thin from the Coumidin. So, they cancelled his surgery and rescheduled it for Thursday once his blood has had a chance to thickened up a little.

Amy and Megan were at the hospital today to support us. Thank you girls for spending your free time with us. Sorry things didn't work out.

I'm overly tired today/tonight so I'm going to get to bed early and start tomorrow fresh and full of energy.

Shannon's brother had heart surgery today and everything went well. Here's wishing Kevin a speedy recovery.

Dreaming Big,


Anonymous said...

we had the issue of the bella ruben)sp) being to high it was fine when we left eastern washington but changed so no surgrey. hope all goes well on thursday

Joan Zimmermann said...

Hi Doreen- In recent weeks, I have been reading your blog with great hope, as my husband is a Stage IV lung cancer patient in roughly the 5th month of our ordeal. Your attitude and strength give me great hope for the days ahead. I wish you and your husband profound health and love.
Joan Z