Monday, August 03, 2009

I refused to pay $14.95 a night for internet

We just stopped at a hotel in Roseburg, Oregon on our way home from the best girls road trip EVER. It is a 13 or 14 hour drive (or so mapquest says) and honestly, the time has flown by when we're together.

Our 2 days in San Francisco were so memorable. We did our best to get in every possible thing on our wish list. When we first arrived, we met Bonnie and her daughters for lunch at the World Lung Conference. After lunch, we put other peoples name tags on and toured the lung conference. Amazing things are going on when it come to keeping those of us with lung cancer alive. Thanks to all of the research scientists and doctors who are working together to make great things happen. We spent all afternoon and evening at the waterfront and got back to the room at 10:30 that night. The next day we spent walking all around Union Square until it was time to head over to Golden Gate Park for the walk.

The 1st Annual Bonnie J. Addario 5K Golden Gait Walk for Lung Cancer was a huge success. In it's first year they raised nearly 130 thousand dollars. Janeen, Cathy and Donna got to meet my San Francisco extended family and friends. The all had a wonderful time.

Kim Mains, our old family friend (who lives near San Francisco) met us and did the walk with me (by the way I finished 8 minutes before Janeen, Cathy and Donna...but who's counting?). When we were done with the walk, Kim took us over the golden gate bridge, down Lombard's crooked street and gave us lots of opportunities for photos. We were going to meet up with Bonnie when we finished, but we never connected. She had a busy day and still needed to get some sleep for the Lung Conference today.

This morning we headed out of the city around 11:00am and made a few really important stops, the Jelly Belly Factory and the Olive Pit. The car is filled with souvenirs, jelly beans and jars of olives. We need to get home since we can't fit another item in the SUV.

As much fun as we've all had, I know we're all ready to get home to our families. We miss you and love you :)

I need to go now so I can get some shut eye.

Dreaming and Laughing Big,

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Anonymous said...

The Golden Gait Walk for Lung Cancer is now up to $147,845 as of 9:00 am on Tuesday! This event is still bringing in money if anyone wants to donate....