Monday, August 10, 2009

Great Scan Results

Cancer is a funny thing. It takes hold of you when you least expect it. Then, like sits idle. Stable. No changes. So, the plan we're on is called "watchful waiting". I'm thrilled to be having a break from all the poisons and drugs BUT...doing nothing seems like a very scary way to do business with and evil client like cancer.

Dr. Eaton and I talked at length about what our upcoming plan will be. He told me of some options at Swedish Hospital in a clinical trial, and a new drug combination (that I haven't tried) Avastin and Alimta. We discussed how I feel about doing nothing, and he explained that as long as the cancer isn't actively growing it's good for my body to take a break. I keep in close contact with my team of doctors, so if anything changes before my next scan (in 2 months) then we'll change our direction sooner.

The scan shows that all the cancer is still in my lungs and lymph nodes and it still lights up on a PET scan. Since June 22nd, there seems to be no changes. Apparently it's just waiting for a day to come out and play. So until then, I'm going to just keep living and laughing.

My sister and law, Vickie and her grandson Jeffrey went to my appointment with me today. While we were waiting in the lobby, Jeffrey found origami cranes in a container. He brought one to each of us for good luck. I'm going to keep it with me for all my appointments. It seems to work :)

Dreaming Stable and Big,


Janeen said...

Hooray for stable! You are so much stronger than cancer that it doesn't want to come out and play with you. I think I'm going to learn how to make origami cranes. Nice find, Jeffrey!
Love and Big Dreams for Dor & Rick!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Doreen your blog hit home today. I have Mantle Cell Lymphoma diognosed in Feb. I haven't had any treatment because it is in my bone marrow, but no where else. So I too am playing the wait & watch game. It's just sitting there waiting for the right time to come out and play! The anxiety is tough for me, but I'm NOT complaining. I enjoy your blog and prayer for you both.
A Member of the Club,
Cheri Ovenell Wickstrom