Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy to be Home!

Today I have several things to report. First, the good news. Dad's CT scan showed no signs of liver failure after his surgical procedure yesterday and his blood pressure is back down to a near-normal range. He is scheduled to go back to see this doctor again the first week in August. In the mean time, he will continue with his scheduled chemo treatments.

Our un-expected hurdle appeared first thing this morning when Mom woke up. She was shaking, coughing quite a bit and didn't look like she felt good. By the time we arrived at the hospital Mom grabbed my arm and said, "I am going to throw up! Where is a bathroom?" We made it to the bathroom but that was just the beginning of our day. When we arrived in Dad's hospital room I asked his nurse to check Mom's temperature. It was over 101 degrees. It was at that time that Dad was about to get released from the hospital. Jake ended up coming down to Seattle with Megan and drove Dad back in my parents car while I stayed with Mom to get checked out. By 11:00 AM she felt nausea, had a fever and was being transported around the hospital by wheelchair. They took blood, got a urine sample, did a chest x-ray and eventually released her from the hospital just after 3:00 PM this afternoon. The doctor said that her counts are elevated, which they should be because of her bone marrow building medicine, but they might also be elevated because her body has an infection. They put her on a strong antibiotic and told her to come back if things get worse and they will admit her into the hospital.

What a long day! Jake is planning to stay the night with them tonight so that I can go home and sleep in my own bed tonight. If you call the house you will find that I left a new phone message thanking everyone for calling to check on them but that I disconnected the phone in their bedroom so that they can sleep.

Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes. We can't get enough of those!!

Dreaming Big,



Anonymous said...

Thinking peaceful thoughts for all of you, get some rest...

CFCina said...

Continued happy thoughts and prayers. Hoping that everyone gets some rest...Kathy

Anonymous said...

Keeping you all in my prayers and wishing for a restful night for all.