Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is a very special day for me because most you you know...I have the greatest DAD in the World. Not just because that what his card says, but because he displays all the qualities needed for that honor. He loves us ALL unconditionally, would do anything for ANYONE, he is EVERYBODY'S GRANDPA BOB, still loves my mother after all these years, forgets that he's 76 years old and wants to do everything he can, to help Rick and I. He doesn't take no for an answer, he's honorable, loving and the kindest man you'd want to know. He's my Hero! Thank you Dad for being who you are, all you've done, and all you'll continue to be.

To all the other Dads in my life....thank you, too. Thank you for being coaches, mentors and shoulders to cry on. Thank you for taking a firm stand (when you know it's for own good), giving hugs when we need it most, believing in us when we know we can do something, and forgiving us when we apparently couldn't. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your time. But, most of all...thanks for being you!

Let's take the time to Celebrate Dads ~

I've attached a photo of my dad and I right after my diagnosis. Isn't he cute?

Love you more,


Believe said...

You touched me with your stories.We have met through our blogs but with really hearing you,in your blog,I must take a stand back and tell you that I have learned so much from you,I can feel your pain,and knowing that you really are strong and that your spirits are so high,you have enlightened me to my illness and the courage we all need to keep going.I look forward to speaking or hearing from you again in the future.


Anonymous said...

I was blessed as a child to have grown up with such role models and really a second family! You and Rick seldomly missed a basketball game of mine! I remember as a student athlete at Stanwood High, 5min of my lunch was spent hugging, laughing, and less often crying with you in your office! Due to tough family situations I was a little garded and sometimes hurtful to those i believed really cared about me! It scared me to know that someone could really love and care about someone in such a short period of time! "BUT YOU DID"! With you I learned trust, accountability, and mostly with you I felt a love and a stability that I hadn't yet really experienced! My anger slowly turned into an eager willingness to learn! Not only do I have you to thank for that but I have you to remember during each struggle that arrises in my life! I have never really fancy'd the word love! But with you I cant let it be unspoken! Doreen "I love you" for you, for the constant times in my life that i put what you taught me to use! I am who I am today because of the people who went out of there way to love, care, and coach me through hard times! So i thank you! Most people come and go, BUT YOU have stayed with me in my times of excellence and helped me out of my times of struggles. In my heart and in my mind you have stayed! I would like to see you soon! I love you dor!