Monday, May 11, 2009

New Beginnings

I just returned home from my parent's house where I was cuddling in bed with my mom after her first day of this new chemo drug. She was so exhausted and filled with chemo drugs that she often said things that did not make sense. I felt so sad for her that I just squeezed her tighter and told her how great she was. It took everything I had to crawl out of that bed and drive home. I hated leaving her.

My mom had to be in Seattle at 8:30 am this morning and they left Seattle this evening around 7:00 pm. It was a very long day of treatment but she was in good company. Dad and my Aunt Vickie were Mom's caregivers today, not to mention visits from Amy and Megan at SCCA throughout the afternoon. Thank you Vickie for the love you showed Mom all day.

Mom received anti-nausea medication today that is supposed to last between 24 and 48 hours. Her doctor told us that the first three days will be the hardest for her and recommended that she have few interruptions and get a lot of sleep. Because of this, we are asking that everyone send supportive e-mails rather than calling the house for the first few days. We promise to bring the laptop to Mom and read her all of your messages when she is feeling up to it. By Thursday the doctor said she should begin feeling better. You'll all know when she is feeling better and ready to chat because you can't keep her off the phone for long!

With this new round of treatment comes some new side effects. As we previously mentioned, Mom will be losing her hair sometime between now and the next couple of weeks and she will have a compromised Immune System. Next week should be the time when her white count is the lowest, therefore causing a bigger threat to get sick. If you come to visit Mom over the next few weeks you can find hand sanitizer, face masks and just about anything else that you might need in the basket next to the front door. Thanks for helping us make this a priority!

As for those of you wondering if my parents need dinners to be made and delivered to, not at this time. We have dinner covered for the next three days and will see what they are craving after that. We appreciate the offerings however.

I attached a photo that was taken yesterday at my house for Mother's Day. Looks like a pretty happy gang if you ask me... :)

Dreaming Bigger than ever-



Anonymous said...

Looks like a happy AND GORGEOUS family to me. You are so blessed to have each other.
Love and hugs to all the Schmitts!
(I'll help you shop for hats or some kind of sexy looking wig, My Friend.)

Heather said...

A great looking bunch, indeed! Sending good thoughts and love from Oregon.

Anonymous said...

The chemo is killing the cancer, the drugs are keeping the nausea tolerable (well, sorta), the hair loss is interesting and somewhat freeing, and the love of family and friends will keep you safe and warm. You can do this!

Much love to all,

Anonymous said...

keep spirits up if your hair is anything like my hisbands when it grew back it came in thicker and darker, even filled in the bald spot he had!Let everyone pamper you

Deb said...

What a lovely family. Take care.