Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I went to my family doctor today with a bad ear ache. I woke up in the middle of the night from it pounding, so I knew I needed to do something about the EAR before the weekend came. I can't be walking around the track all night at Relay with a piece of cotton sticking out of my ear. Can I?

I'm getting used to the whole bald headed thing. As a matter of fact, I'm wondering if people used to think my hair looked bad? They keep saying how "beautiful" I look with no hair....

Tomorrow night I'm going to stay in Seattle with Melana because I have another PET scan early on Friday morning. She invited me down to spend the night and go out for dinner at one of her new "favorite restaurants" called Purple. I'm looking forward to it (Amy may even join us). The PET scan is at the University of Washington and that is about 5 minutes from her house. It will give me a chance to sleep in a little. Friday night is the start of Relay and I need all the extra sleep I can get.

Tuesday will be a big day for Rick and I. We both have chemo (which we've done before) however, it's never been the 5 hour version for both of us. The nurses are going to put us in side by side rooms and open the curtain between us so we can visit (or sleep) next to each other.

I have a massage tomorrow and I can't wait. It should be better this time now that the toxins are out of my body.

I'd better go put more medicine in my ear, then get to bed. I need to store up on some extra sleep before the weekend gets here. Don't forget, if you're not doing anything on Friday night, stop by the high school stadium and say hello. We're expecting a big crowd...and I would love to have you be a part of it.

Dreaming Big,

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