Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bowling Night

After yesterday's busy day, I decided to stay in my jammies all day so I wouldn't be tempted to leave the house. I had plenty of things to do to keep me busy. It's been almost a month since my last treatment so I had almost forgotten about the achy joints that visit me the day after chemo. Staying home and laying low was just what my body needed.

Angie is on spring break this week so she has plenty of time on her hands. She called me this afternoon with this great idea to go bowling. So, Angie and Shannon went to the Goodwill, bought "bowling shirts", a trophy with a woman bowler in a skirt, took the shirts home and turned them into "real bowling shirts" then called Amy and Mel and invited them to go along. When Angie and Shannon showed up at our house tonight to meet up with Amy and Mel, the laughter was contagious. The girls looked hilarious. Our daughters have been competitive their whole lives and now tonight they started their "new bowling league". Whoever wins each night will get to take home the "ugly" trophy. We're waiting patiently for a call from the winner...because I know someone will have to rub it in. They told me I could bring a friend as my partner some time and we could work hard for the "trophy" if we're interested. I'm looking for a ringer of a bowler....give me a call if you can help me out :)

We are still really thrilled by the results of yesterdays appointment. Each great visit like this gives us hope for many more months of health and happiness.

Time to head to bed and dream big,

Hugs, Dor


Anonymous said...

Hey, who are the girls in the picture? I can tell one of them is either Amy or Angie, but who is the one on the left? I have been waiting to see pictures of Shannon and Mel!

Doreen said...

That is Shannon on the left and Angie on the right. They narrowly squeaked out the win over Amy and Mel the other night.